Tennis Racket Stringing Info

I offer a tennis racket restringing service in Harrogate, North Yorkshire – usually within 24 to 48hrs – carried out on a professional stringing machine. You’ll often find me at Harlow Tennis Club.

Prices include cost of stringing – choose from the following strings:-

Multifilament Strings – Comfort / Power
Head Velocity £20
Weiss Cannon Explosiv! £20
RAB Sensor Fibre £23

Synthetic Gut – The all-rounder
Gosen £18
Prince SGDF £18
Halo 3 Teal £18
Kirschbaum SG £18
Pro Supex Spiral Flex £16

Hybrid Setups – different strings in the mains and crosses
Synthetic Gut / Poly £18
Poly / Synthetic Gut £18
Multi / Poly £20
Poly / Multi £20

Polyester – Spin and Control
Weiss Cannon Scorpion £18
Kirschbaum Max Power £18
Volkl Cyclone £18
Topspin Cyberblue £18
MSV Focus Hex £17
Halo 1 – soft poly £21

Synthetic Grip £6
Leather / Synthetic Mix Grip £8
Worm Vibration Dampener £3

These are just the strings I keep in stock. All other strings are available to order (usually adds a few days).
Free stenciling in black or red of your manufacturers logo for a professional look.


      1. I don’t carry Sensation in stock, but if the customer provides the string the charge is £13 to install. The nearest string to Sensation I stock is Head Velocity – it is a better string overall in my opinion.

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